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myStudio is a free/open source 3D Modelling, Rendering, Animation Studio & Movie Editor for all platforms support Java Virtual Machine.

myStudio Features.

  • Support objects : Polygon Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone ..., B-Spline Mesh, Triangle Mesh.
  • Modelling tools : Extrude, Lathe (Revolve) , Skin, Array, Align, Offset...
  • Boolean operations: Union, Different, Subtract.
  • Triangle mesh editing functions: Bevel, Extrude, Smooth, Subdivide, Skew, Tape, Thicken...
  • B-Spline mesh editing functions: Skew, Tape, Smooth...
  • Integrated powerfull Beanshell scripting engine.
  • Support multiple undo/redo.
  • 3DS Max modelling style.
  • Procedural Textures.
  • Support UV, Prjection, Sphere, Cylinder, Cubic mappings.
  • Built-in: Raster & Raytracer rendering engines.
  • Rendering engines support: Soft shadow, Depth of Field, Antialiasing, Monition Blur, Photon mapping: Global illumination, Caustics effect ...
  • Camera filters: Saturation,RGB, Outline .
  • Some kind of lights: Direction, Point, Spot lights.
  • Environment map, fog effect... Support keyframe animation, path-follow animation, texture animation...
  • Skeleton base animation: support Invert Knimatics, Pose objects...
  • A lot of animation tracks: Distortion Track (Shatter, Scale, Twist, Bend..) Position, Rotation Tracks, Contrainst Track...
  • Sound syncs.
  • Easy use with a professional user interface.
  • Built-in a simple movie editor for animation production.
  • Free of charge, distributed under GPL licence.

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