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Breeze Designer

Breeze Designer is a free 3D modelling and design tool for Windows with exports to renderers including POV-Ray, Pixars's RenderMan®, VRML viewers and Microsoft Silverlight.

Some key features of Breeze Designer:

  • Modelling primitives; cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, torus, bicubic "Bezier" patches
  • Text objects using TrueType fonts
  • Heightfields, spline paths and extruded shapes
  • Iso-surfaces; blobs (metaballs).
  • Surfaces of revolution (sweeps).
  • Multiple model views and zoom factors.
  • Inbuilt texture builder.
  • Inbuilt shaded preview.
  • Object grouping with CSG support.
  • Keyframe animation support, with tween function and spline paths.
  • Transition position, scale and rotation between frames.
  • Inbuilt scripting and macro language.
  • Third party plug-in module support.
  • Render and view from within program.
  • No program limit to the number of objects.
  • Support for OpenGL with texture mapping
  • On-line help & tool tips support.

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